Your Wizard for the manual execution of tests

The implementation of Keyword Driven Test makes TestBench a powerful tool for test specification. The imbus Test assistant for Online and Remote eXecution iTORX is integrated in TestBench – a versatile assistant adapted to the needs of the tester for

  • the specification preview,
  • manual test execution and
  • checking the results of a test automation run.

Secure. Clear. Accurate.

iTORX guides the tester safely through the manual test execution, clearly presenting all test data and helping him to quickly and accurately capture the test results. In addition, iTORX can be invoked within the specification and provides the test designer with a detailed preview of the specified test run.

How we designed iTORX

Clearly laid out

Helps users find their way around quickly and easily. No unnecessary buttons or cryptic characters distract from the actual work.

Easy to use

Enables a low-effort start and increases efficiency


iTORX can be configured according to personal preferences, which promotes individual workflows.

Sophisticated details

This relieves the user in his daily work. The whole system is designed to meet the needs of software testing.


Test results can be recorded quickly and, above all, accurately with iTORX.

Another benefit

iTORX can be freely distributed to any user within the framework of the licensing of TestBench, so that, for example, people outside the standard development team can also participate in the reviewing and execution of tests.

This is what iTORX looks like!

The picture shows our clearly arranged iTORX wizard of the TestBench.

If you want to learn more about iTORX and the TestBench, contact us!