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Quick and efficient start with TestBench


Our experts take care of the professional installation and configuration of TestBench server and the connection components to your systems. We ensure the seamless integration of the TestBench clients into your local system environment.

During implementation, your system administrators will receive comprehensive training so that they can operate the low-maintenance system safely and reliably and make it available to your users.

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Quick and efficient start with TestBench

Basic training course

In the three-day basic training course, participants acquire the knowledge to successfully use TestBench in their software test. They learn how to create and use modular and maintenance-friendly test suites.

Illustrative examples are used to teach the basics of test planning, test specification, manual test execution, test automation and test management. Practical exercises deepen the acquired knowledge.

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Quick and efficient start with TestBench

User intensive coaching

Our intensive user coaching transfers the basic knowledge acquired during the basic training course directly to your specific area of application as a user. We focus in particular on functions that are relevant to you.

Together, we create initial projects, implement associated test cases and address topics such as data migration.

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Quick and efficient start with TestBench

Further support by phone or e-mail

Within the first month after the intensive coaching, a consultant will be available by telephone, remote meetings or e-mail to answer questions during your first independent work in TestBench.

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Quick and efficient start with TestBench

Handover and knowledge transfer to the support team

Finally, the consultant in charge sends all relevant information to the support team in the form of a customer profile. This ensures that our support team is fully aware of the technical background and any special features and can guarantee personalised and efficient support.

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