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Connect your test automation solutions to TestBench or build a robust test automation architecture. Ensure that all test results are automatically submitted to TestBench.

Keyword Driven Testing

Discover Keyword Driven Test for your software development. Rapid test development, easy maintenance and better test understandability. The method facilitates collaboration between developers, testers and subject matter experts.

Data-Driven Testing

Data-Driven Test enables reuse of test flows by using test data for variation. This allows different scenarios with different input values to be tested efficiently, increasing test coverage and speeding up test development.


Link your requirements management or defect management to TestBench. Get coverage of requirements by tests and evaluate test results from a requirements perspective. Link defects to test results and identify tests to be retested for defect corrections.

Special Features


Variant Management

Explore variant management in TestBench – the optimal solution for testing systems with many variants. Simplify the test specification for system variants and reduce redundancies. Create basic test object versions for common test specifications and derive variant versions for individual products.


Find out how TestBench guarantees the fulfilment of verification obligations and the assurance of revision security. Thanks to the integrated version and configuration management, developers and testers can ensure that changes are fully recorded and documented.

Execution Assistant (iTORX)

Discover iTORX in TestBench – your versatile assistant for online and remote testing! Whether specification preview, manual execution or result control – iTORX and our keyword-driven test approach make your test processes more efficient and targeted.

More features

Test Planning

Easily organise and manage your tests in a clear tree structure. Customise the process to your individual needs with user-defined planning elements. From requirements to error management, TestBench offers everything you need for professional test planning.

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Test Design

Discover the variety of specification methods in TestBench, from natural language descriptions to reusable keywords. This flexibility enables fast test development and easy maintenance. Learn how TestBench supports the automation of test cases.

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Static analysis

Learn more about how static analysis of tests can help you to easily comply with formal requirements and process specifications. This process improves the quality of your tests by recognising formal errors at an early stage and reducing the need for manual checks. Discover the benefits and methods of static test analysis to make your test reports more efficient and reliable.

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