Test Evaluation

Test Evaluation and Reporting

TestBench offers test managers an efficient monitoring and control tool. It enables test protocols to be analysed, test results to be evaluated and end-of-test criteria to be checked. TestBench helps you to decide quickly and efficiently whether further tests are required or whether adjustments need to be made to the end-of-test criteria. By generating detailed reports, TestBench helps you to fulfil your verification obligations and measure product quality.


Comprehensive Reports

All elements, including test planning, test specification, test results, requirements and defects, are available as input for reporting, giving you a comprehensive overview. Our included report templates are flexibly customisable. For example, you can easily integrate your company logo to ensure your brand identity. Our open interface allows you to create and customise reports according to your requirements. With flexible filter options, you can select the elements you need before creating the report. We offer various report creation techniques, including the use of MS Excel with VBA programming, MS Word with Freemarker Template Engine, XSLT transformation and free programming with Java plugins. Benefit from over 30 standard report plugins to help you create customised reports.


Status Reports and Metrics

In TestBench, status reports provide essential insights into the progress and quality of software tests. For example, the test status report illustrates the ratio of planned to actual tests and helps to assess test coverage. In addition, metrics on the coverage of requirements by tests and the distribution of the test result status of the requirements provide important information for monitoring and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the test procedures.

The advantages of TestBench

Status overviews at the touch of a button

Easy-to-understand icons enable the test manager to obtain the required information about the progress of the project at any time and immediate

Flexible and user-friendly filter functions

Enable a targeted view of the details that are important to you.

Many status reports integrated as standard

All data is analysed, from test planning and test specifications to test results. Customised report plug-ins can also be created if required.

Flexible export and import interface

Enables individual analyses of the entire contents of the TestBench database. You can load newly created or customised report plug-ins into TestBench. From compact information on a few pages to very extensive reports with several 10,000 pages, everything is possible.