Perfect Tool Integration for your Test Landscape

TestBench ensures seamless tool integration in your test landscape. It links test data with development phases and fulfills documentation and traceability requirements, for example in medical technology. Its integration with requirements management enables easy assignment of requirements to tests and status overview. Open interfaces facilitate the use of requirements from different systems without changing tools.

TestBench links test data with information from upstream and downstream development phases. For example, you can quickly and easily trace which requirements are related to which error messages and which – manually or automatically recorded – test results. TestBench effortlessly fulfills documentation and traceability requirements, such as those required in medical technology

Connect TestBench with your Requirements Management

TestBench shows you

  • which requirements are checked by which tests and what their test status is,
  • for which requirements tests are not yet available
  • and which tests need to be adapted in case of requirement changes.

Requirements management systems are connected to TestBench via an open interface. Requirements from the connected systems can be used in all TestBench test projects. This allows you to test based on requirements without having to constantly switch between different tools. Requirements reports and filtering by requirements criteria round off the functionality and enable consistent requirements-based test management.

Connect TestBench with your Defect Management Tool

TestBench evaluates

  • which defects a test case has revealed – of course, with the defect status and all important attributes
  • and which test cases you, at the very least, have to re-test for a patch version of the product

Defect data is automatically synchronized between the connected system and the TestBench. That means that the defect messages recorded during the test are immediately available to the development department. On the basis of defect status changes, you can, at any time, plan and execute targeted re-testing.

Connect TestBench with your Testautomation Tool.


  • enables you to automate existing tests with the minimum of effort,
  • generates your test suite from the data, and makes it available to the test automation tool for execution,
  • stores and administers the test results from many regression cycles.

That’s how you can exploit the full potential of Data Driven testing.

Test automation tools can be connected easily to the TestBench via the iTEP plug-in.


Is your test automation solution missing from our list?
Should it be the case that your tool or data format is not mentioned here, please contact us.
Other customer-specific integrations are generally possible without great effort.
If you already have substantial test descriptions and definitions of test data in Microsoft Excel sheets, Microsoft Word, or other formats/tools, we will provide you with the appropriate import filter.