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TestBench offers an advanced software solution to plan, design, manage, execute and analyse product tests more efficiently. The tool was designed specifically for software development teams and their test managers, testers, developers, product owners and stakeholders. Systematic software testing is a demanding and complex task that is time-consuming and resource-intensive, but at the same time of crucial importance for the quality of the overall product. This is precisely where TestBench comes in, providing professional tool support to make this process simpler, faster and of higher quality. TestBench provides support in all phases of the test process – from planning, through design and automation of the tests, to complete logging of the test results. The solution guarantees:

  • Comprehensive and audit-proof test documentation
  • Excellent maintainability and a high degree of reusability of manual and automated tests
  • Smooth switching between manual and automated test execution
  • Seamless integration into existing tool chains thanks to an open interface
  • Freely configurable reports for detailed analysis and reporting

Rely on TestBench to take your test management to a new level and sustainably optimise the quality of your software products.

The Test Management and Test Design Features


Connect your test automation solutions to TestBench or build a robust test automation architecture. Ensure that all test results are automatically submitted to TestBench.

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Keyworddriven Testing

Discover Keyworddriven Test for your software development. Rapid test development, easy maintenance and better test understandability. The method facilitates collaboration between developers, testers and subject matter experts.

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Datadriven Testing

Datadriven Test enables reuse of test flows by using test data for variation. This allows different scenarios with different input values to be tested efficiently, increasing test coverage and speeding up test development.

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Link your requirements management or defect management to TestBench. Get coverage of requirements by tests and evaluate test results from a requirements perspective. Link defects to test results and identify tests to be retested for defect corrections.

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Test Design

Discover the variety of specification methods in TestBench, from natural language descriptions to reusable keywords. This flexibility enables fast test development and easy maintenance. Learn how TestBench supports the automation of test cases.

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Test Planning

Easily organise and manage your tests in a clear tree structure. Customise the process to your individual needs with user-defined planning elements. From requirements to error management, TestBench offers everything you need for professional test planning.

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Variant Management

Explore variant management in TestBench - the optimal solution for testing systems with many variants. Simplify the test specification for system variants and reduce redundancies. Create basic test object versions for common test specifications and derive variant versions for individual products.

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Find out how TestBench guarantees the fulfilment of verification obligations and the assurance of revision security. Thanks to the integrated version and configuration management, developers and testers can ensure that changes are fully recorded and documented.

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The Road to Efficiency


Create test automation that overcomes technology hurdles while being robust, maintainable, and rapidly extensible. Use a test automation architecture that ensures systematic, efficient and traceable implementation and execution of tests, while being independent of technologies and test automation tools. TestBench perfectly combines test planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of automated tests.

Keyworddriven Testing

Efficient Testing with Keywords

Keyworddriven Test provides an efficient way to create and manage test cases by relying on building blocks (keywords) instead of requiring extensive programming. This enables faster development and maintenance of test scripts and also speeds up manual testing. It also facilitates collaboration between testers, test developers, and subject matter experts by providing an easy-to-understand and abstracted representation of tests.

Datadriven Testing

Varying Tests by using Test Data

TestBench’s Datadriven Test provides the ability to use test data to run different test cases with different input values. Test steps are given parameters that are varied using data tables. The method enables better test coverage, as different scenarios and boundary conditions can be easily tested by using different data sets without having to change the test procedures and thus without having to change the test automation.


Work with any Tool Landscape

Integration is the key to the smooth interaction of your systems and processes. With our integrated solution, we bring the benefits of seamless connectivity to your business. Our integration service gives you the ability to synchronize and optimize data and processes between different applications, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.


10 Reasons why the TestBench is convincing

Covers all Tasks

TestBench offers support for all tasks in software testing: Test planning, test design, test automation, test execution and reporting.

Can be integrated anywhere

It can be fully integrated into your test system landscape, Integration of several requirements management systems and a defect management system in one project.

Can be used immediately

TestBench is quickly deployable thanks to different test description methods (from simple to highly professional, for manual and automated tests).


The tool is flexible in automated test execution through the control of any test automation.

Efficient Test Design

It is particularly efficient in test design and test specification, through the reuse of data and test steps (interaction method) and the separation of test description and test data.

Convenient Evaluations

TestBench is convenient for test planning and control thanks to the versatile options for evaluations and process mapping.

Integrated Assistant

TestBench is easy to understand for the testers through the use of the integrated test execution assistant iTORX.

Optimal Training

It is flexible to learn thanks to the modular structure and the role model (extra learning units for each role for quick and optimal familiarization).

100% audit-proof

The tool is 100% traceable and audit-proof test results thanks to integrated version and configuration management.

Easily expandable

TestBench is easily expandable through additional modules, Testing intelligence, management of variants in the test and test evaluation.

TestBench Testimonials

What our Customers say

TestBench is suitable for teams of any size taking an agile DevOps or traditional development approach and supports collaboration across multiple teams and global development sites.

I have appreciated the TestBench for many years as a a solid tool that pleasantly evolves based on usefullness and not on marketing.

Andreas Kellerstrass

Using TestBench allows us to effectively maintain our software test cases, which provides greater satisfaction for our digital customer service clients.

Jürgen Leuzmann

The TestBench in use

The challenge of the missing maintainability of tests was successfully overcome by introducing keyword-driven testing with TestBench as a test management tool.

Markus Heinicke

TestBench makes it much easier for us to deal with the wide variety of products that RATIONAL offers.

Tobias Höfer