TestBench webinars

Introduction to the most important functions

TestBench is as versatile as the requirements for which it was developed.

Do you want to

  • perform test management and test design tasks easily?
  • set up and sustainably operate an economical test automation system?
  • build an automated “system test non-stop” in a Continuous Integration environment?
  • optimally set up testing for test objects with different variants?

Develop software tests – manually or automated – quickly and execute them efficiently: it’s no problem with TestBench.

The free webinars show in a compact overview how professional tool support can look like for all phases in the test process – from planning, design and automation of the tests to the complete logging of the test results.

Test management and test design made easy

The webinar teaches, among other things, how tests can be planned and managed efficiently. Thanks to smart methods and editors, test cases are specified quickly and modularly with TestBench and can be linked to requirements. Test automations can be connected as desired and automated tests can be controlled so that test results achieved manually and automatically can be easily merged, analyzed and reported.

The right way to automate tests

The webinar presents how to set up and sustainably operate economical test automation. TestBench accelerates and coordinates collaboration between test automation programmers, business and test designers. Modularization and a high degree of reuse enable a very efficient interaction of the different roles in the test and development team.

The royal road in software testing

Keyword Driven Testing - Webinar

Keyword Driven Testing (KDT) is recognised as an efficient method that makes tests faster and more effective while supporting key requirements such as readability and maintainability. TestBench stands out due to its excellent support for KDT. This method is becoming increasingly important and contributes to more productive and cost-efficient working methods. The importance of KDT is also recognised in the revised ISO 29119 – Part 5 standard. The digital imbus webinar on KDT will discuss both the basics and the specific challenges of this methodology to enable subject matter experts to effectively design and manage manual and automated test cases.

Procedure of the webinar

The webinar provides – compactly in 60 minutes – the most important information to understand what Keyword Driven Testing is and already provides some best practices to use Keyword Driven Testing in your project:

  • Why Keyword Driven Testing?
  • Structure and organisation of keywords, including Data Driven Testing
  • Keywords in automated and manual testing
  • Best practices
  • Tools and frameworks for Keyword Driven Testing

Following the webinar, an imbus test specialist will be available to answer any further questions and discuss the topic!