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Like a Swiss Army Knife – Only for Testing

Define, create, execute, report, and review your entire testing work. For any workflow, for any approach.

Features - Screenshot requirements management

Requirements Management

TestBench is far more than only a test management tool. You can also manage all your product requirements with it. To do so, structure and describe your requirements as epics and user stories completely inside TestBench. Or easily import your requirements from Jira or other sources.

In all cases, TestBench provides 100% traceability between all information artifacts and shows you:

  • which requirements are subject to which test cases, and what their test status is,
  • which requirements still have no test cases assigned,
  • or which tests have to be updated due to requirements changes.

Features - Screenshot test management

Test Management

Manage your testing in one place: identify, list, and prioritize your test topics and assign responsibilities. Track testing progress and stay informed about the latest testing outcomes. Review testing status and quality achieved, related to the whole product or related to specific user stories or epics.

test automation
automated software testing

Test Design

TestBench offers a variety of test case types you can use to specify your test cases depending on your individual needs: structured test cases, checklist-based tests, exploratory testing, data-driven tests, and automated tests.

You can also define test case templates, which then can easily be reused across your team and several projects.

Features - Screenshot Test Execution

Test Execution

TestBench’s Test Execution feature allows you to execute and log test cases manually or automated.

E.g., select and execute all test cases needed to verify a specific epic or pick a test suite containing a predefined set of test cases, e.g., all test cases covering ‘new features implemented within the current sprint’.

For each test case, you can log the results of each test step and/or the complete test case. It is also easy to compare the latest test outcomes against past test execution results, as every test execution is automatically preserved in a test execution history.

Of course, if needed, you can create and submit defect reports directly from within your current test execution context.

Features - Screenshot test automation

Test Automation

TestBench is your ‘single point of control’ for all your existing or new test automation scripts.

Scripts can register at TestBench and then push all their test results back, including screenshots or system logs. And automated execution can be mixed with manual ones.

Features - Test automation
Features - Screenshot Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

TestBench enables real-time collaboration between all your team members: All data changes performed by any user are visible by others in real-time. The built-in online content-translation service disburdens and boosts communication within international or globally distributed teams.

Features - Screenshot customization


Customize TestBench to your individual needs and make it “your TestBench”. Simplify and automate your work with the templating system by creating personal templates for epics, user stories, test cases, or defects. Map your project-specific workflow by using custom fields: e.g., add a list-field to represent certain status information, or add an URL-field to link to your external Defect Management System or to attach files.

Features - Screenshot integration


TestBench provides an extensive and comfortable REST-API to integrate the tool in an existing toolchain or to adjust and supplement functionalities individually. Data from Jira can be imported and synchronized just out-of-the-box to cover the testing (design, execution, etc.) with TestBench.

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Exploratory Testing - Explore. Learn. Create. Execute. Improve.

Exploratory Testing Extension

Explore. Learn. Create. Execute. Improve.

Exploratory testing is a relevant testing approach – not only in agile projects. It can help teams keeping up with the rapid development and short iterations of agile software projects. Use TestBench’s Exploratory Testing extension and enable exploratory testing for your team.

Data-Driven Testing - Let the Data Do All Your Testing

Data-Driven Testing Extension

Let the Data Do All Your Testing

Data-driven testing is a useful test method for designing test cases in multiple variations with different input data sets and expected results quickly and efficiently. Use TestBench’s data-driven test extension as the hub for controlling manual or automated data-driven tests.