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Previous Releases


Release 1.4 - 15.08.2019

  • Improved User Navigation:
    - Each Data Item (Epic, User Story, Test Case, Defect Report) provides a unique short link that can be directly copied into the browsers clipboard to support easy referencing of TestBench data from office documents or other 3rd party systems.
  • Navigation Concept: elements can now be copied or dragged and then dropped to different positions within the tree.
  • Optimized Breadcrumb-Navigation
  • Improved Filtering: Data Items within a project (Epic, User Story, Test Case, Defect Report) can be easily filtered in various ways, e.g., “all ‘Epics’ with ‘Title’ containing text ‘configure’ and having a ‘User Story’”.
  • Improved Usability:
    - Adding new Test Steps in a Test Case can be done by “Ctrl+Enter” allowing fast and effortless acquisition of also long test sequences.
    - The available space a more efficiently
  • Improved Jira Integration:
    - Besides on-demand, the synchronization with a Jira repository can now be done time-controlled, e.g., “every 5 minutes” or “daily,” etc.
    - Improved logging of sync runs with downloadable log reports.


Release 1.3 - 12.04.2019


Release 1.2 - 03.12.2018

  • Jira Integration: Synchronize Jira with TestBench Cloud Services
  • Custom fields with extended functionalities: Insert custom fields to extend and customize Epics, User Stories, Test Cases, Executions and Defects; combine custom fields into blocks to visualize associated data
  • On-the-fly translation via DeepL translator


Release 1.1 - 11.08.2018

  • Custom fields: Individualize the project-specific workflow with custom fields containing text or links
  • Extended functionality for open activities: Direct access to all open activities via list selection
  • Bookmark any site: each view within TestBench Cloud Services has a unique URL


Release 1.0 - 29.03.2018