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Link any test automation script to TestBench Cloud Services


In the field of agile development, automated tests have become a fixed component. Especially for short iterations, automated tests are a useful addition.  Or for sophisticated software that has a high percentage of regression testing, test automation can be used to perform these tests.


The advantages of test automation are apparent: More tests in a shorter time, increased test coverage, continuously executable (24/7), to name but a few.


For TestBench Cloud Services, there is a connection via API that can be used to link to test automation tools or frameworks. The automated tests are mapped in TestBench CS as a test case, including the test results. It does not matter whether the automated test case was created directly in TestBench CS or whether it was created in the test automation tool.


Further information can be found in the online help.


Did you know? imbus is a member of the Robot Framework Foundation.