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Take care of your data - Not only on today's European Data Protection Day

Here are a few thoughts I have that should make you aware of how to manage your data!


1. Nothing is for free!

No food, no home, and no free Wi-Fi in public places!  Many people connect without hesitation to an open Wi-Fi network at airports, cafés, or in the city. Very few people are aware of what is revealed with this quick click! 

According to studies, it is quite easy for computer professionals to hack into public networks and access sensitive data such as e-mail, bank account, or passwords. That can happen without the user's knowledge and warning messages.


2. Question your app selection on your mobile device!

I found that users are often not aware of the data collected, passed on, and evaluated when installing apps! You agree, for example, that an app can access the contact list or gets permission to control the microphone of the mobile device. Behind these consents, which you often agree to without reading them, lies the command over your data!

Why does a photo service need to be able to access the microphone? Or know to whom you have sent a message as the last one? In my opinion, never!

Maybe you want to spend some time browsing your mobile device for unused apps! Just because an app is unused does not mean that it will continue to interrogate your mobile device with full permissions. Delete what you do not need!


 3. Knowledge is power!

All the posts, messages, podcasts, and raised forefingers of the world are of no use if the user himself is not conscious about data privacy and the appropriate level of protection!

The key lies in the users' understanding of what his data is worth and what naive handling of it can result in! Only the user can decide on the disclosure and use of his data, and everyone should use this power. So wise up!


And finally, something on our behalf. Your data uploaded or entered within TestBench Cloud Services is hosted on the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany. The operation of the Open Telekom Cloud is subject to the strict requirements of the European and German data protection laws.

At imbus AG, we are very aware of the importance of the topic of data protection and Internet security. For this reason, a separate department in our company deals with IT security and participates in the development of TestBench CS at an early stage. You can be sure: we take care of your data!


Written by Berit, member of the TestBench CS development team