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New service for TestBench users: Video Tutorials

Be honest: Are you also one of those people who prefer to watch videos on the Internet rather than read long, annoying texts? If so, you are not alone. Three out of four users prefer video content over text. And why is that so? Because our brain reacts very strongly to visual stimulation. Pure text - whether spoken or written - stimulates the brain less. But if you combine textual information with visual content, you can remember this information six times better.

For this reason, we now offer video tutorials for TestBench Cloud Services. In the videos, we explain step by step how to use the tool best. You can access the videos with context-related information and help on the various screens of TestBench with a single click. This way, even users who have less experience in testing or are newcomers can start right away and quickly do their part in the test work.


Video Tutorials


The video tutorials are available around the clock: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on public holidays. Just in case our support is not available at the time...

In release 2.0, we started with a basic set of video tutorials, further content will follow continuously in the next releases. Do you have ideas for a new video tutorial? Then send us an e-mail to We are happy about every proposal!

You can also watch all video tutorials on the imbus YouTube channel!