In your training or at university, you will have heard about software testing but certainly not enough to practice it directly as a profession. To become a software tester, you have to take a different path: Finish your training or studies – a relevant background in IT is certainly an advantage, but not a must –  and then continue with further education. For example, choose the world’s most successful and standardized scheme for certifying software testers worldwide and become an ISTQB Certified Tester.

Special training in software testing is inevitable because testing is a complex task. A tester must write standard-compliant test specifications and document reproducible results during test execution. He or she must create test automation with the appropriate tool and assign the tests to the different test levels according to the architecture. A tester will also face tasks like managing and reporting on his work and integrating tests into a CI, and much more.

Give Me a Test Object to Practice!

The predominant part of software testing training is dry theory. After training, it is time to transfer theory into practice. But that is easier said than done. The fewest have a test object at hand, with which they can play around and practice testing. What if there would be a test object available to anyone who wants to practice testing? With the so-called VirtualShowRoom, we have created such a thing!

The VirtualShowRoom is a virtual electronic sales system for car dealers and customers. A customer who wants to purchase a vehicle can configure his desired car on the screen (model selection, engine, color, equipment, etc.) with a salesperson or independently. If you have ever bought a car, you have encountered such a system before.

The VirtualShowRoom is available 24/7 on the internet for testers all around the world. The access to the VirtualShowRoom comes with the free basic license of TestBench.

Get a Free Basic License

Further Development of an Existing Sample Project

By the way, the VirtualShowRoom is a further development of an existing sample project that is used in German ISTQB Certified Tester training to illustrate the complex methods and processes in software testing. It was created by the authors of the book “Basiswissen Softwaretest” (German version), respectively “Software Testing Foundations” (English version), Tilo Linz (co-founder of imbus AG), and Andreas Spillner. That book is a standard reference work for software testing and can also be used for preparing in self-study for the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level exam.


In the next blog post, I will write in detail about the VirtualShowRoom and show you what software testing methods and techniques you can practice with it.

Stay tuned!


Written by Christine Lacher

Christine has worked for imbus for 23 years. She is responsible for the induction of new employees, e-learning, and the “JumpStart” program. She is also active in project management and test management for customer projects.